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Leesylvania Elementary will be hosting a Summer Reading Challenge from June 1 to July 31 using the MyOn online reading app. Students can use the app to read over 6,500 books and thousands of news articles. Students can earn prizes for number of books read, as well as number of minutes read.

We will be holding a Zoom meeting today (June 1 at 5:00pm) to kick off our challenge and show parents and students how to access MyOn and all of the other free learning resources available to students through Clever.

Use this link to join us today at 5pm:


This is our 12th week of learning Virtually!  Please check messages on Dojo, voicemail, and email regarding the end of the year procedures.     

Hello Parents and Students,
This week our theme is Earth!  Please find the learning menu in the Files and Documents tab on my page.  Have fun reviewing with all of the activities.  Please continue to check Dojo for messages and update.      

Hello Parent and Students,
Please check the new Virtual Learning Menu for this week.  It is located in the At Home Learning folder in the Files and Document section on my page.  Please continue to check Dojo for messages and updates.     

Hello Parents,
A new Virtual Leaning Menu folder was been added to this page in the Files section to the left.  There you can find the optional skills to focus on this week. Please send me an email or message on Dojo if you have questions.          

Hello Students!  Here are a few more activities to work on using NearPod:
Math – Create Graphs & Interpret Data  - the code is DHYPG
Science – The Spring Season - the code is VHNMB    
Soc. St. – Getting to Know Virginia - the code is FCGSH
Lang. Arts – Contractions in Action - the code is NGJEH
Writing - Write a different ending for the fiction book you read today. 
Reading – The Wishing Tree (Mini) – the code is EOLJH and read a fiction book
Again, these activities are to review skills that we have learned.  They are optional for you to use at your own pace.

Happy Friday!  Here are a few more activities to work on:
Math - Read Analog & Digital Clocks  - the code is ERPJO
Science - Plant Parts and their Jobs - the code is GRLHE    
Soc. St. -The 7 Continents of the World - the code is DWLNM
Lang. Arts -Using Adjectives - the code is YQJZL
Writing - Write a letter to a relative telling them about the a good book that you read 
Reading - Read a fiction book and retell it by recalling the story elements (Setting, Characters, Problem, Solution) 
Again, these activities are to review skills that we have learned.  They are optional for you to use at your own pace.       

Second Grade Rocks

Dr. Turk's Second Grade Class

Instructor: Dr. Turk  TURKVR@pwcs.edu

Dear Parents,
Please visit the "files and documents" sections on this page to find activities for your child while school is closed.   These assignments are optional and can be used for your learning at home.        

Suggested Home Learning Schedule:

9:00 Wake up & breakfast
10:00 Math work
10:45 Technology break (or other activities)
12:00 Lunch
12:30 Outdoor play and activities
1:30 Reading & quiet time
2:15 Arts and crafts
3:00 Writing practice - handwriting or journal
3:45 Technology break (or other activities)
4:00 Family time or Science activities
5:00 Nightly routines 

Educational Websites:

Students using Lexia should use the directions below to log through Office 365.
Lexia Login Instructions.pdf

This site offers dozens of books with both audio and video (please check Class Dojo for login information).


Study Island

Software – reading and math games


Storyline online – read 


 – reading and math games


Unite for Literacy
This site offers dozens of books on a variety of topics. Narration is available in dozens of languages.

Prince William County Schools - Home Learning Page
This resource provides curriculum links, suggested daily calendars, important updates, etc.

Students have access to a number of free learning resources through Clever. These instructions may be useful for logging into Clever.
Clever Login Instructions.pdf

Encore Schedule    
Mon  1  Guidance              

Tues 2   Art
Wed  3
 P. E.   

Thur  4     

Fri. 5                       


Daily Schedule  

8:50 - 9:10 Morning Work
9:15 - 9:45 RTI
9:45 - 10:40 Math
10:40 - 11:10 Lunch
11:10 - 11:25 Recess
11:30 - 12:00 Science or Soc. St.
12:00 - 12:45 Writing
12:45 - 1:30 Specials
1:30 - 3:40 Language Arts
3:40 Dismissal