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From: Ms. Vink, Ms. Cozma, Ms. Tipton, Dr. Turk, Mrs. Moore!

Digital Learning updates:

Happy final Monday everyone! 
I have uploaded our last learning calendar for this week. Our theme is summer!
Join us on Friday for our last zoom meeting and a fun activity. I hope to see everyone there!!

* If you have not picked up student belongings from the school please reach out to me. Every student has a bag to pick up.

Thank you for all of your patience and hard work this year!!!

Ms. Vink


The following message is from our reading specialist Dawn Gill:

Good Morning!

Leesylvania kicked off our Summer Reading Challenge yesterday. We provided information about the MyOn app, and provided information about logging on through Clever. I posted the Power Point from the Zoom meeting on the school Dojo page.

I have created a Summer Reading Log to allow students and parents to record books they have read that are not on MyOn.

The county libraries will be opening soon for curbside pickup. They will also offer some virtual programs throughout the summer. The hours and offerings vary, so here is a link with more information.


Finally, I have had several questions about re-setting the placement test for MyOn, because students are rushing through and clicking buttons. The link below provides information for trouble-shooting a variety of issues with MyOn.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

Dawn D. Gill
Reading Specialist
Leesylvania Elementary School

*** I have attached MyON login directions and the reading log under: "Files and Documents" then "Reading/Writing Resources".


Good Morning Families. Happy Monday. 

I have attached our weather themed activities for this week under the Files and Documents section of my page.

Please read important information below!

Please note, our Zoom activity has changed to Friday, June 5th at 12:00. All 2nd grade teachers will be in the classrooms on Thursday packing personal belongings and student belongings.

- I will be placing all the contents of your child's desk in large plastic bags. They will be labeled with their name and teacher name (Vink).

- If there are any lunch boxes or jackets you think were left in the classroom, message me and I will be sure to look out for it. Note, I can not check lost and found, as we are only to move about and within our own classrooms.

- On Friday, June 5th, Kinder through 2nd grade Student Pick-up is from 9am-12pm.

- Car-rider loop is for picking up student belongings that I have gathered from the classroom

- If your child has a book from the school library or book room, Friday is the day to drop that off. Library books from the school have a white label; books from the school book room have a stamp that says "Leesylvania Book Room". All other books that went home are from my classroom library and can be returned along with the other books. If you can start to gather all belongings to drop off this week that would be very helpful!

- Drop-off for materials will be done in the bus loop.

Thank you so much for your continued patience and support. As always, please reach out with any questions.


Good Morning, Happy Tuesday!

Your learning calendar has been posted under the Files and Documents section!

Please reach out with any questions!
See you on Thursday for our Zoom meeting.

Have a great week!

Ms. Vink

Hello families, I hope you had a great weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all moms out there and those who take the role of mom! We appreciate you!!

This week our theme is all about Mom! Please see the learning calendar under the Files and Documents Page. Our Zoom activity Thursday at 12:00 is an art activity dedicated to Mom. If possible, have your child:
1.Bring at least a pencil and paper (and crayons if they have it)
2. Sit at a table or flat surface where they can draw

I will send out the link on Thursday! Please remember our Zoom expectations.

I will be available Friday for office hours, but as always please reach out with any questions.

Have a great week!

Today is C day on our ABC countdowns! Let's see those CRAZY SOCKS!

useful links:

RAZKIDS link: https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login

Prodigy Login: https://sso.prodigygame.com/game/start?rid=3de50a8b-32c2-4459-a972-6b06659f4570


Today I am available for Office Hours from 12-1. This is a time for parents to reach out with any lingering questions, comments, or concerns. I will be able via Dojo, email, or Zoom. If Zoom is your preferred method to meet, please send me a message so I can provide you with the link.

I have also uploaded an updated version of Nearpod codes. They are organized by subject. These are just for your own use and they are all subjects we have reviewed in class. You can find these under Files and Documents and then Nearpod Codes.

Today for our ABC countdown it is B day. BEACH DAY! Wear your favorite beach outfit!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

May the 4th be with youuuuu! Happy Monday and Happy May 4th everyone!

This week's theme is animals! Our student Zoom activity is "Bring Your Pet to Class" on Thursday. The zoom link will be posted on Dojo Thursday by 11am for everyone to join at 12. I hope to see many of you again this week! Friday I will still have office hours for parents. Learning Calendar can be found under "Files and Documents" then "Weekly Learning Calendar". 

Students can use these questions to tell about their pets during our Zoom:

1. What is their name?
2. How long have you had them?
3. What are your responsibilities for this pet?
3. What do they like to eat?
4. A fun fact about your pet?

If students do not have a pet, they can draw a picture of a pet they would like to have or bring a stuffed animal!

Students are always welcome to join in and just spend a little time with classmates 😊

Have a great week!

Nearpod Unscramble Continents code: VSGIZ

RAZKIDS link: https://www.kidsa-z.com/main/Login

Prodigy Login: https://sso.prodigygame.com/game/start?rid=3de50a8b-32c2-4459-a972-6b06659f4570

Ms. Vink

Happy Monday everyone!

This week's theme is "Earth Day"! We are going to practice activities that are all about the Earth! This week we will havestudent zoom meeting on Thursday from 12:00 - 1:00 in addition to office hours on Friday at the same time. Students can share what they found from the scavenger hunt activity or just pop in to say "Hi" to their classmates 😊. As always, this calendar can be found under "files and documents", and I am always available through dojo or email for any questions you may have.

Have a great week! 
Ms. Vink


RazKids is a website where I can assign students book based on their reading level. They can read it on their own or it can be read to them. There are also questions after each book to check their comprehension. I can track their reading and give them harder or easier books depending on how they are doing. If they finished all the assigned ones they can choose their own books!
I love this resource and I highly recommend using it. Check Dojo for the login instructions!
I am really excited about this resource! Go check it out!!

Ms. Vink


Parents, I wanted to give a few updates:

- Every Monday our weekly learning calendar will be uploaded onto dojo and my class webpage under “files and documents” and then “weekly learning calendar”. These are still optional activities but highly encouraged.
- Every Friday a zoom link will be sent to parents who request to meet with me through zoom between the time of 12 and 1.
- In addition to Friday office hours, every Thursday at the same time from 12 to 1 I will be meeting with students through zoom. The link will be posted on Dojo only. Please do not share the link with anyone. At the first meeting I will discuss expectations for zoom and allow students to interact with each other.
- For Thursday zoom meetings each week I will either be doing aread aloud, a class circle, a review session,or an activity that matches our theme for the week.

Thank you all for your dedication and patience!
I am always available by dojo or email.

Ms. Vink

Good Morning Families!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. This week for digital learning our topic is FAMILY. You can find the learning calendar attached under "Files and Documents" and then "Weekly Learning Calendar" in PDF and Word document options. This week in addition to our subject areas there is also a section for daily special activities that were created by our specialists.

If you have any questions please reach out! I can't wait to see all of your responses!

Ms. Vink


Hello everyone! I hope you are enjoying our weekly digital learning plan!

I have uploaded two documents to my Leesylvania Class page today. Under "files and documents" and then "login instructions" I have put Parent Instructions for FlipGrid and Wixie. We will be using these websites a lot in the upcoming days so this is to help you become familiar with them.

I hope you are having a great week!
Ms. Vink


Hello families and students!

Welcome back from spring break. We will be starting to send out weekly calendars of lessons and activities for students to engage in. Please remember that these are optional and will not be graded but are encouraged in order to support learning at home!

All material is review from the first through third quarters. These calendars can be found under “Files and Documents” and then “Weekly Learning Calendar”. I have uploaded a .docx version and a PDF version. Just choose the week that we are working on and go at your own pace!

I have also uploaded a new math calendar in English and Spanish versions under the “Math Resources” folder. 

If you need help logging on to anything, want more resources, or have any questions please reach out to me by email or ClassDojo! 

I will be available every day to support you in your at home learning needs, but if you would like more support I will have office hours every Friday from 12 - 1 via Zoom meeting. Please reach out on Dojo if you would like to schedule a time slot.

I will be reaching out with more information in the upcoming days! Please also keep checking out Class Dojo page for more updates.

Thank you again for all your support and dedication! I miss you all so much. Keep on learning!

Ms. Vink

4/ 2


Hello families and students!
I just wanted to update you on a few Language Arts resources that have become available. The Language Arts Department has updated their resource page, and have added the following programs:

  • MyON - if you haven't seen this, it is awesome! There are news articles and books on a wide variety of subjects. We are fortunate to have access to this site for FREE for the remainder of the year. The "getting started" guide is attached under "files and documents. A link to the parent document can be found our reading specialists page. She also has lots of great resources available.
  • Reading Bear - this is a great phonics review! It even breaks lessons and quizzes down by spelling feature. 

Please keep checking Dojo for updates as well! 

Ms. Vink

3/ 27


Happy Friday families and students!

I am making Prodigy accounts for students. This is a great resource for math practice as it places the students at their level and bumps them up accordingly. 

IF your student HAS and account from last year they can log on and enter my class code which you can get from me on ClassDojo or by emailing me.
IF THEY DO NOT have an account, please message me. I can add them to our class and give you the username and password for them.
I highly recommend using Prodigy for leveled math practice and Lexia for leveled reading skills.
We have also set up a FlipGrid for our class to interact with each other. Please see Dojo for those links. 

Thank you!

3/ 26

Some updates for Today!!

Some more resources for your at home learning

  • Benchmark Universe (available through Clever) - there are dozens of ebooks available through Benchmark. Students even have the option of having the book read aloud. Students can also leave reviews for each book. 
  • Newsela (NEW - available through Clever) - this is a great resource for news articles for a variety of subjects and content areas. Reading level can be adjusted to fit your needs!
  • eMediaVA (NEW - available through Clever) - lots of great videos on a variety of topics. 
  • MyOn (Coming Soon!) - digital reading library. Should be added through Clever soon.

Added under "Useful Links" at the bottom of the page is a link to IXL which is a great website to review lots of subject areas!
Also, added under "Files and Documents" and then "Login Instructions" are the directions to logon to benchmark and clever for students.

3/ 25

Today I have uploaded directions on how to log on to students' office365 accounts in case anyone neededrefresher. I have also uploaded a resource document on how to log on to ORIGO math at home, which is the math curriculum that we use in class. They have lots of online resources that you can use for review.
I will be posting links to a new interactive webpage called FLIPGRID on our Class DOJO page. This isplatform where students can upload videos and interact with other students. Students will be able to chat with each other and myself through prompts that will be posted. Keep an eye out for those links! Thank you for your patience as we work through this together! Ms. Vink


Families and students,
I have updated my page with files of each homework that has been sent home so far this year. You can find this under the "homework" tab. I have also uploaded directions to log on to Lexia which can be found under the "files and documents" page.

Here is the link to our reading specialists page. She also has lots of great resources available.


Families and students,
I will be uploading all documents and resources to my class page as well as our Class DOJO site. If you click on the "files and documents" page, all resources can be found organized by subject. 
As of right now, these are optional and only to guide you in your at home learning.
I greatly appreciate all of your support with this!

We can do this! We are a team. 
Stay safe.

Ms. Vink

Teacher:Ms. Vink

Check Class Dojo for weekly updates!

Welcome to second grade

I am so excited for you to be in my class this year! We are going to have a great time working together,  using our growth mindset, and always doing our best! I cannot wait to see what great things we can discover as a class.

About me:

I am originally from Albany NY! I love to go hiking, swimming, running, and just about anything outdoors! My favorite subject is math and science! I also love finding new ways to use technology! I cannot wait to learn more about my students and parents! 

We will have a great year of learning, growing, and working hard!


L - Learn New Things Every Day
E - Encouraging and Helpful
A - Always Prepared For Class
D - Doing Our Very Best



Arrival and morning work















Science/Social Studies






Working snack











Specials Schedule:


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4


Day 5

Library/ Guidance

(from PWCS regulations)

S+  = 90-100 (A) 

S = 87-89 (B+)

S= 80-86 (B)

S= 77-79 (C+) 

S = 70-76 (C)

S- = 67-69 (D+)

S- = 60-69 (D)

N = 0-59 (F)