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Study Island

There are assignments from me or students may choose a topic to work on under VA programs.

Scholastic Learn at Home
Scholastic has provided ~20 days worth of free reading activities including passages, activities, and virtual field trips for students to work through at home.

Scholastic Write a Book Review
Students can use this link to write a book review on a book they have read and submit it to Scholastic's website.

SOLpass has study guides, review games, and practice tests/quizzes for the students to use for Reading and VA Studies.

Nearpod will be used to help students work through material at their own pace. Please use the lesson code provided to access each lesson.

PWCS Home Learning Page

*The following sites are accessed through your student's Office365 account. Once logged into his/her Office365 account, he/she is able to access Clever.*

  • Benchmark Universe (available through Clever) - there are dozens of ebooks available through Benchmark. Students even have the option of having the book read aloud. This would be great practice for struggling readers. Students can also leave reviews for each book. Parent information for accessing Benchmark is coming soon.
  • Newsela (NEW - available through Clever) - this is a great resource for news articles for a variety of subjects and content areas. The Lexile level (reading difficulty) can be adjusted for different grade levels. Under the ELA tab, there are even some Novel studies pages that provide awesome text pairings.
  • eMediaVA (NEW - available through Clever) - this is another great resource through PBS. Lots of great videos on a variety of topics. 
  • MyOn - digital reading library. Should be added through Clever soon.