4/22/2020 – From your child’s school PT, Heather Akgun

“Family Fitness Night” Tips and Ideas – from the website PTO Today.

While these activities were originally recommended for PTO-hosted fitness events in schools, they are wonderful and fun ideas to get everyone moving. As with all my activity recommendations, these are both ungraded and completely optional. You may have cabin fever in your house and are feeling very limited in what you can do to get moving. Also, these activities can be modified for all skill levels – everyone may need a different level of assistance (I’ve added some suggested modifications in blue), but these active games can engage everyone.  Hope you take a look and have some fun (while sneaking in some activity!!).

Family Fitness Night Games

Freeze Dance
All participants stand (or can remain seated in adapted seating) on the dance floor. When the music begins, players dance. When the music is stopped at random times, the participants must freeze. Anyone still moving is out. The last participant standing wins.

Balloon Basketball
Blow up several balloons. Divide players into two equal teams and place the balloons between them. When indicated, teams are to run (or walk, roll, wheel, or be assisted in mobility system) to the balloons, pick up one, and attempt to get it through the basketball hoop. Once the balloon is near the basket, it can be repeatedly hit to make a basket. Balloons can also be “rebounded” by the other team. Each basket is worth two points and the team with the highest score after the designated time is the winner. Tip: The more balloons you have, the more fun the game is.

Five Pin Soccer
Place five two-liter plastic soda bottles weighted with sand in the bottom, or bowling pins on the floor. When signaled to start, players kick balls (in standing, sitting, can be rolled with hands) from their line, attempting to knock down a pin. A player who knocks down the pin must run out (or walk/wheel/be assisted to the pin) and stand it back up. One point is scored for each pin knocked down. The first team to get five points wins.

Hula-Hoop Roll
Two teams stand in equal lines with the first participant holding a Hula-Hoop. When indicated, the child holding the Hula-Hoop rolls it the length of the course (or can hold a “relay” item such as a beach ball, wear a hat, etc) and returns to the line, handing the Hula-Hoop to the next family member, who repeats the steps. The first team to have every participant run (or walk/use mobility system) the length of the course with the Hula-Hoop wins