Virginia Aligned Standards of Learning
These are the academic standards that we base the curriculum on and deliver daily instruction to meet.  We plan activities that focus on these standards, or building block skills to eventually meet these standards.  

Interactive Adapted Books For All Readers

More Adapted Books

Free Adapted Literacy Lessons

Free Picture Generator
This resource is a picture generator that can be used as part of a functional communication system for students.  

Interactive Academic Resources for Students with Disabilities

We use as part of our every day learning.  We use the calendar feature as part of our math instruction.  Students will make selections from the math and motion songs to facilitate communication.  

BrainPOP Jr.
Our students love the Brainpop Jr. videos on the academic related topics.  

Pinterest (search for "work tasks for special education)

A Dab Of Glue (Creative tips for planning and activities while at home)

Instruction at Home

Teachers-Pay-Teachers (Search for Math, Reaching, Social Studies, Science, etc. activities for special education)