April 20-24 Lessons
(Grade 3-5)
Recorder Play Basics Review.pdf

(Grades 1 and 2)
School Song Lesson.docx

Hello Song Activity-Kindergarten.docx

April 27-May 1 Lessons
(Grade KG)
Peanut Butter and Jelly Song _ Ways to Use Your Voice.docx

(Grade 3-5)
School Song Lesson.docx

(Grade 1 and 2)
Peter and the Wolf Review
Check out the cool PowToon review of the instruments and characters from Peter and the Wolf (PowTunes Video) and then listen to the first 8-10 minutes of the actual story (Peter and the Wolf).  After completing the listening part of our lesson (in about a week), we will do some fun online activities together!

May 4-8 Lessons
My Little Puppy Song-Kinder Lesson.docx

(Grade 3-5)
Note Names Lesson

Click on the link below to read about how notes are written on a staff. Recorder players read from the treble clef.  So, focus on the treble clef section only. The Classics for Kids website uses the phrase Every Good Boy Does Fine to help remember the notes on the lines and FACE to remember the notes in the spaces. What fun phrase did we learn in class to help us remember the notes on the lines? Email or DOJO me your answer, if you remember! (Third graders, we may not have gotten to this yet. We will learn next year-no worries!  Once you are done reading, play the note name game and see how many words you can spell by figuring out the notes. Have fun, musicians!    
Classics For Kids-Note Name Game

(Grades 1 & 2)
Listen to the remainder of Peter and the Wolf.  Next week, we will start some fun online activities related to the story.  So...be ready!
Peter and the Wolf Story

May 11-14 Lessons
(Grades 3-5)

Strega NonaIntegrating Literature & Music

First, click on the link below and review the movements to the chant Strega Nona says to stop her magic pot from cooking.   


Next, click on the story link to listen to the author, Tomie DePaola, read Strega Nona.  Say the chant with the author and do the movements.  


After you have listened to the story, click on the link below and sing The Pasta Song along with the recording

(Unfortunately, the author leaves no space to incorporate it in during the youtube video, as we do when I read it in class).

Pasta Song