My name is Dawn Gill, and I am the Reading Specialist here at Leesylvania Elementary. I work with students and teachers to support literacy.

The Lexia Challenge!
Lexia is a research-based computer application that helps students learn phonics, spelling, reading, and comprehension. Lexia Core5 is for K-5 students, and has been provided by PWCS for all elementary students.

In November, we started the Lexia Challenge. Each month, the grade level who earns the most units in Lexia will get extra recess. At the end of the year, the grade level(s) with the most units earned will earn a special surprise from Mrs. MacGregor.

Students can log onto Lexia at home on any PC, laptop, or IOS device. Students can access Lexia through Clever using their Office 365 login.
Lexia Login Instructions.pdf

Recently, students in grades K-3 completed the PALS assessment. We held zoom sessions for each grade level to discuss these assessments. We went over the parts of each grade level's assessment, our intervention plan for students who did not meet the benchmark, and what parents can do at home to support their child's learning. The PowerPoint presentations for each grade level are below.
PALS Parent Presentation - Kinder.pptx
PALS Parent Presentation-1st.pptx
PALS Parent Presentation-2nd.pptx
PALS Parent Presentation-3rd.pptx

Updated 11/19/21

Children reading

Instructor: Dawn Gill