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Welcome to Fourth and Fifth Grade Language Arts and Social Studies!  We will have a great year of learning and fun.  Together, you and I will help your child soar in their learning.  I look forward to partnering with you and your child throughout the school year.

My Profile
I am very excited to be your child's language arts and social studies teacher. This is my third year teaching at Leesylvania and I am excited for a great school year of learning and growing together in the classroom.   


Please help your child become familiar with the Canvas online learning system as I will be using it every day to communicate with students, give activities and graded assignments, and provide resources for learning this school year.

First Day of School: September 8th, 2020
School will be 100% virtual (online) for the first quarter unless you have been specifically told otherwise.


Growing. Determined. Scholars.

Weekly Homework:
Read 20 minutes
Work on reading homework page - due every Friday

Contacts for other Teachers

Click here to go to Ms. Petko's web page for math and science information.

If your child is an ELL student, you can connect to their teacher through the following links:
EL Teacher Mrs. Asmus
EL Teacher Ms. Chin

Click here to go to  our reading specialist, Mrs. Gill.

Online Resources

SOLpass has study guides, review games, and practice tests/quizzes for the students to use for Reading and VA Studies.

Study Island
There are assignments from me under the assignments section or students may choose a topic to work on under VA programs. Students may complete whatever topics they want, but please do not complete assignments from me at home unless I have directed you to do so.

There are assignments from class that students can finish or students may read from their "Reading Room" so they can 'level up.'

Epic Reading
I sometimes assign some short books to read that relate to topics we have been working on in class. Students may also read full length books, listen to read aloud's, or listen to audiobooks of their choosing. If your child needs the class code, please message me on Classdojo or send me an email.

I assign Nearpod activities in multiple subjects for students to complete for review or to work on new topics. Please check Canvas to find the codes for students to complete these nearpod assignments.

Flipgrid is a website where students can record themselves answering prompts or saying hello to classmates. We have a class page that students will be able to respond in. Students will need to log in with their school email ("username" and their school computer password.

Scholastic Story Starter
Story Starters is a website where students are given a writing prompt to start their writing. Scholastic generates fun topics based on what genre students choose to write about. Please check Canvas to see if I have given assignments to use this for writing. Students may use it on their own to create stories, as well.

Scholastic Write a Book Review
Students can use this link to write a book review on a book they have read and submit it to Scholastic's website to be published.

Specials Schedule 9:50-10:35
Day 1   PE

Day 2    Music
Day 3 PE   

Day 4 Library/Guidance

Day 5

Daily Schedule 

8:55 9:10   Arrival & Morning Work
9:15   9:45      5th Geography
9:45 10:35      Specials
10:40 12:00 5th Language Arts
12:00 12:30   Lunch
12:35 12:55   Recess
  Switch Classes
1:05 1:35   4th VA Studies
1:35 3:00   4th Language Arts
3:00 3:30   RTI
 3:35      Pack up/Dismissal