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Mrs.Martinez: martinms1@pwcs.edu
Mrs.Taylor: taylordj@pwcs.edu

We also work with Ms. Chin, Mrs. Dawson, and Mrs. Sarlo for ESOL/SPED  Support. Please see their pages below for resources:

Mrs. Sarlo's Page
Mrs. Chin's Page
Mrs. Dawson's Page

In addition, Specialist teachers have worked hard to gather resources for your child to continue instruction in P.E, art, music, guidance, and library. Please visit their pages for additional resources under the Specialists tab in class pages. 

Home Learning Resources & Materials

  Please click on "Files and Documents" on the left of this page.  There you will find the 4th grade schedule for the week!  If you click on "links" you will find all of the links that you will need!  Please know that these are suggested learning opportunities that consist of review work. This work will not be graded.

Please go to Mrs. Martinez page for the 5th grade schedule. 

Please be patient as we try to navigate this new normal of remote learning.  We will try our best to help each and every one of you.  Email or message us on Class Dojo any time!  

Know that your teachers, principals, and the rest of the staff at Leesylvania care about you and miss you!  We hope you are safe and healthy at home and that we will be able to see you all again soon!

4th Grade Pacing Guide - All subjects
PWCS Home Learning Page

Daily Suggested Schedule