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     Mrs. Rose and I will be using this space to post resources and materials that will allow us to work as a team to ensure your child is fully prepared for the next academic year! The activities currently posted are optional and will focus on reviewing curriculum objectives that have already been taught.

     The focus during these next few weeks will be on making a smooth transition to remote learning. I will still be using this class webpage to post information. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me or contact me through my email: niemeye@pwcs.edu.

     Please know we both miss you all very much! Continue to work hard and stay healthy, so we can end this school year LES strong!

~ Mrs. Niemeyer and Mrs. Rose

For the last two weeks of school the students will be completing a choice board instead of the normal weekly schedule.  For those students who zoomed with us for office hours this past Friday got to see what it looked like so they were familiar with it.  You access the document the same was as the other calendars and it is titled Choice Board 2019-2020.  The choice board consists of 12 different options for the next two weeks!  Zoom meetings this week will be Wednesday June 3rd instead of tomorrow June 1st!  Office hours will be this Friday, regular times as well!  Two weeks left!!

The weekly calendar has been posted for the week of May 18th! Office hours will be Friday 10:30-11:00 if you need any help with the work this week or have any questions/concerns! Hope you had a great Memorial Day the best way you can during this time!

The weekly calendar has been posted for the week of May 18th! If you still need a device please email Mrs. MacGregor and she will communicate with you! Thank you to those who are completing work each week and attending our zoom meetings and office hours.  Those links are posted on Mondays and Fridays on classroom Dojo!

The weekly calendar has been posted for the week of May 11th! I will be hosting my read aloud zoom meeting Monday May 11th at 10:00am and and both Mrs. Rose and I will be hosting our office hours for fifth on Friday at 10:30! As always please dojo or email with any questions!

Dear Parents,
The Weekly Calendar has been posted for the week of May 4th! Also Mrs. Rose and I will be hosting our Zoom weekly instruction meetings Monday May 4th from 10:00-11:00am and Friday for office hours from 10am-11am.  Look for the Zoom links and times for Mrs. Rose and I posted on our class Dojo page! As always, please let us know if you have any questions!  Report Cards go home through the Hub Tuesday May 5th! I have contacted you through the Hub to verify your email listed in the Hub to send the report card too.  Please let me know if you have not received the test email from me!
Stay safe and healthy!


Dear Parents,
The Weekly Calendar has been posted for the week of April 27th! Also Mrs. Rose and I will be hosting our Zoom weekly instruction meetings Monday April 27th from 10:00-11:00am.  Look for the Zoom links and times for Mrs. Rose and I posted on our class Dojo page! As always, please let us know if you have any questions!
Stay safe and healthy!


Dear Parents,

Mrs. Niemeyer, Mrs. Rose and I will be hosting our first Zoom meeting on Friday, April 17th, during our office hours from 10:30 -11:00 am. The main focus is on previewing and answering any questions that you have about what the virtual schoolhouse will look like during this phase. We also want to try out Zoom, and make sure expectations are established, before your child experiences it next week. I will be posting the invite link tomorrow. You just need to click on it to join the meeting. Thank you and stay healthy!

Hi families! Hope everyone is doing well. We are using myON for our reading assignments this week (all of our assignments for the week can be found by clicking the link below for our Weekly Activity Guide).

Have your student log into his/her Office365 account, go into Clever, and find the icon: myON
. There are tons of books-for free! I’ve have heard great things about this site, including daily news updates that are in both Spanish and English. Take some time and explore. I believe when the students first login they will take a preassessment to help with leveling. There is also a read aloud feature. 

We have uploaded a new folder under our Files and Documents  entitled, "Fun Activities". Here you will find additional activities should your family/student desire to engage in additional learning activities. This is completely optional but we know some of our students desire to engage in additional learning activity.



PWCS Home Learning Page

Weekly Activity Guide

Click the above link to find your assignments for the week.

Study Island

There are assignments from me or students may choose a topic to work on under VA programs.

Scholastic Learn at Home
Scholastic has provided ~20 days worth of free reading activities including passages, activities, and virtual field trips for students to work through at home.

Scholastic Write a Book Review
Students can use this link to write a book review on a book they have read and submit it to Scholastic's website.

SOLpass has study guides, review games, and practice tests/quizzes for the students to use for Reading and VA Studies.

Nearpod will be used to help students work through material at their own pace. Please use the lesson code provided to access each lesson.

*The following sites are accessed through your student's Office365 account. Once logged into his/her Office365 account, he/she is able to access Clever.*

  • Benchmark Universe (available through Clever) - there are dozens of ebooks available through Benchmark. Students even have the option of having the book read aloud. This would be great practice for struggling readers. Students can also leave reviews for each book. Parent information for accessing Benchmark is coming soon.
  • Newsela (NEW - available through Clever) - this is a great resource for news articles for a variety of subjects and content areas. The Lexile level (reading difficulty) can be adjusted for different grade levels. Under the ELA tab, there are even some Novel studies pages that provide awesome text pairings.
  • eMediaVA (NEW - available through Clever) - this is another great resource through PBS. Lots of great videos on a variety of topics. 
  • MyOn - digital reading library. Should be added through Clever soon.

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To produce confident, well rounded and responsible

life long learners who will become positive forces in

their homes, communities, and the world.




To recognize that each child is

an individual; that all children are creative and

need to succeed.

Encore Schedule 10:45-11:30
Day 1   Art
Day 5 PE
Day 2    PE
Day 6    Music
Day 3 Library/Tech   

Day 4 Music

Daily Schedule 

9:00 9:15   Arrival and D.E.A.R.
9:15   10:45      Language Arts
10:45 11:30      Encore
11:30 12:05 Language Arts
12:05 12:35   Lunch
12:35 12:55   Recess
1:00 1:45   Science/Social Studies
1:45 3:00   Math
3:00 3:30   Core Extension