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Mrs. Moore's Third Grade Class 

Instructor: Mrs. Moore

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Home Learning Resources & Materials

Digital Learning updates:

Files and Documents Updated: 6/25

Message/ Page Updated: 6/25

Math, Reading and Writing Screen Free Ideas Added 4/2!

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Summer Learning Activities

MyOn Summer Reading Challenge

Access Lexia through June 30,2020!

Summer Learning Suggestions! Click HERE!

Summer Math Activities! Click HERE!

Summer Writing Menus! Click HERE!

Practice Multiplication Facts 0-12, you need to know this for fourth grade!

Listen to Mrs. Moore's Read Aloud sessions on Flipgrid! 


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Suggested Resources

PWCS Home Learning Page

Study Island


Prodigy Math

Scholastic Reading

Puzzles to Print

Students can also access their Clever Account through Office365. Here they can find Lexia, Benchmark, and other resources that they have used in the classroom all year.

Click here if your child works with Mrs. Dawson

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Ideas By Subject

Go to our files and documents tab on the left side. Find the folder for Home Learning. This folder will be updated daily with activities that you can use to help your child at home. All activities are currently review.

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Screen Free Ideas


Students will benefit from reading, a book of their interest, to themselves for AT LEAST 20-30 minutes every day!

Go to the Files and Documents--> Home Learning --> Reading Resources Folder --> Reading Reference Page Folder  to find more information and questions you can ask your child before, during and after reading!


Students will benefit from writing  every day! Our class truly enjoyed writing time when we were in the classroom. Most students brought their writing notebooks home with them. Have your child write (in complete sentences) about their day each day (like in Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries).

Go to the Files and Documents--> Home Learning --> Writing Resources Folder--> Writing Reference Page Folder to find more information and activities to help support writing at home.


Students will benefit from practicing basic math facts  every day! Third graders should be practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts as often as possible!

Students have learned many skills in math this year. We have practiced adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers, multiplication and division, area and perimeter, measurement skills, making change up to $5.00, and geometry!

Go to the Files and Documents--> Home Learning --> Math Resources Folder--> Math Reference Page Folder to find more information and activities to help your child review essential math skills at home!

Science and Social Studies

Students should continue to review science and social studies skills at home.
Nearpod is a great way to do this!

Go to the Files and Documents--> Home Learning --> Science Resources Folder or Social Studies Resources Folder to find more information and activities to help your child review these skills at home!




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Class Vision and Mission

Class Vision
We will be known as the best third grade class!

Class Mission
We will always give our best effort and try our best. We will include everybody. We will always remember, it's not "I can't do it!", it's "I can't do it, YET!". 

Specials Rotation
Day 1   P.E.
Day 2    Library/ Guidance
Day 3 Art
Day 4 P.E.
 Day 5 Music

Daily Schedule 

9:00 9:15   Arrival and Spiral Review
9:15   9:45      RTI
9:45 10:15      Science
10:15 11:30 Math
11:30 12:15   Specials
12:20 12:50   Lunch
12:50 2:30   Language Arts
2:30 2:50   Recess
2:50 3:35   Social Studies

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