This page will be used to share resources to help our community during this unprecedented time. 

Student Log-In Instructions

English Instructions (PDF)
Arabic Instructions (PDF)
Spanish Instructions (PDF) 

Vietnamese Instructions (PDF)
Chinese Instructions (PDF)
Farsi Instructions (PDF) 
Korean Instructions (PDF)
Urdu Instructions (PDF)

Zoom Parent Expectations


• Make sure you give parental permission to your child’s teacher either in Dojo or verbally before the Zoom lesson
• Make sure your child is in a well-lit, quiet place with as few distractions as possible
• Be mindful of what is in the background, as this will be seen to all viewers
• Please do not allow other siblings to join the Zoom meeting
• Please do not share the Zoom link that your child’s teacher posts on Dojo
• Please do not take pictures of the Zoom meeting/screen of attendees while your child is attending the session
• Please be mindful of background noise or communication amongst family members
• Please discuss with your child what is appropriate to do during the Zoom meeting to make sure it is appropriate for the learning environment of all students
• This virtual learning class should be treated as if your child is back in school learning with the teacher
• Please check with your child’s teacher to see if there are any materials that they may need ahead of time before the meeting takes place

Video for Logging in to Office365 and How to Reset Student Passwords--This will take you to a YouTube video that present how to log in with your student's login information and how to reset your student's password if needed. 

PWCS SPED and 504 Guidance-- Office of Special Education has posted FAQs and guidances for parents about Childfind, IEP, and Eligibility. 

WETA PBS TV Lessons--WETA is offering VA TV through PBS Kids every day from 1-2pm. These are lessons featuring VA SOL standards, and I believe are being presented by Virginia educators. This is being offered for students who do not have access to technology.

Access to ParentVue --Click the link to log-in to ParentVue. ParentVue will give you your child's username and student ID, in case you need to reset their student account password.
You should have received an email last July/August with the account activation link. You can only log-in if you have activated your ParentVue account. At this time, we are not able to authorize any new ParentVue accounts due to security measures. 

To Go Meals Provided by PWCS -- This link will send you to information about meals provided by PWCS

PWCS Home Learning Resources -- These are resources provided by the county to help with At Home Learning

Handwashing Video  --Video to show students on how to wash hands properly. This resource was collected by our school nurse

ParentVue FAQ Info from PWCS --Link to PWCS information about accessing ParentVUE

Student Password Reset Link -- Link to reset a student's password during Home Learning 

Wixie Guide for Parents (PDF) -- Click on this PDF link to know how to access Wixie from home. 

Flipgrid Instructions for Parents (PDF) -- Click on this PDF link to know how to access Flipgrid from home.