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4th Grade Class Page!

(If you are looking for 5th grade materials please see Ms. Stephen's Page)

 email us any time:
Mrs. Wise: wisetm@pwcs.edu
Ms. Stephens: stepheea@pwcs.edu

We also work with Ms. Chin for ESOL Support. 
Please see her page below for resources:

Ms. Chin's Page


Home Learning Resources & Materials

We have added online learning opportunites for students to access at home.  Please know that these are optional learning oportunities and will have a review focus.  There will be no new graded work until April 14th (as of today).

PWCS Home Learning Page

4th Grade 19-20 Pacing Guide

Please use our tabs to the left to find daily home learning activities.  Under the Calendar Tab, you will find daily activities including the links and other info you may need.  Under the Weekly Learning Opportunities Tab, you will find a printable, weekly list of the activities.

Daily Suggested Schedule



Please check Class Dojo for daily communications.

Hello!  I have a few things to tell you about today so sorry in advance for the long message! 

We are ready to kick off our Zoom meetings!  Mrs. Stephens and I will be holding two Zoom meetings every week.  Each Monday at 10:30- 11:00 am, we will meet for class meetings.  Students are invited to participate and connect with their classmates and teachers.  We will go over our weekly assignments, answer questions, and chat.  Each Friday, our virtual Zoom meeting will be open from 10:00-11:00 for office hours.  This is open for both students and parents.  You can pop in any time during the hour and ask questions or voice concerns you may have.  We will be using the waiting room feature so that we can meet privately with one person at a time unless we have special circumstances.  Remember, you are welcome to email or send a Dojo message any time- we will gladly get back to you within the next day! 

For this week only, we will be holding an open meeting forum during our Friday office hours to answer questions and show you how to find and use our virtual learning resources.  

Mr. Traxler will be sharing some Zoom guidelines for students and parents later this week on Class Dojo.  Please watch for that post so that you understand our expectations and will be ready to participate. 

We will be sending our Zoom link through Dojo to keep it protected and private.  Please do not send this link to people outside of our community so that it stays protected and private. 

As with all assignments, these meetings are optional, but we would love to see you! 

We have been asked to get parent permission for students to participate with Zoom.  If your student can participate, please visit Class Dojo and comment below this same message with YES to give your permission. 

Hello fourth grade families!  I hope you are all doing well after our spring break last week!  Ms. Stephens and I have been making some plans for the following weeks and are excited about adding a few new resources to our virtual learning classroom.  We will be adding Zoom meetings for students as well as office hours for parents and students who have questions or concerns.  We will let you know our schedule for these when we confirm the times with administration. We are so excited to see you all again though- even if it's virtually!

For this week, our lessons are all found on our weekly calendar.  Check it out under the weekly learning objectives tab on the left of this page.

Please email or dojo message me or Ms. Stephens any time with questions or concerns. We love hearing from you and will do our best to get back to you within the next 24 hours.  I am still focusing on math/science while Mrs. Stephens focuses on language arts/social studies.

Please remember, all work is still optional and if you are unable to participate we understand.  We are working hard to provide activities to strengthen what we have learned this year and hope you will participate when you are able to.

Thank you all for your hard work!

Happy Spring Break!  I have uploaded a fun BINGO Board for this week.  You can find it under our Weekly Learning Opportunities Tab to the left.  I will be available if you need me through email or Class Dojo this week.  Send a message any time and I will get back to you within the next day.  We will back to our learning schedule next week but until then, I hope you have fun and can enjoy your spring break stay-cation!

We have added online learning opportunites for students to access at home.  Please know that these are optional learning oportunities and will have a review focus.  There will be no new graded work until April 14th.

Please be patient as we try to navigate this new normal of remote learning.  I will try my best to help each and every one of you.  Email or message me on Class Dojo any time!  

Know that your teachers, principals, and the rest of the staff at Leesylvania care about you and miss you!  We hope you are safe and healthy at home and that we will be able to see you all again soon!


Growing Determined Learners


In order to be successful, we will grow the whole child by encouraging a growth mindset and creating opportunities for our scholars to be determined and be inspired to reach their full potential. 

Office Hours

Join us through Zoom, email, or Class Dojo and we will answer your questions live at this time.  
Email or message through Dojo any time- we will gladly get back to you within the next day.

Daily Schedule- 4th Grade

We have a 10 minute brain break/snack at 2:00

9:00 9:15   Arrival/Morning Math
9:15   10:40      Mathematics
10:40 11:25      Encore
11:25 11:35 Mathematics
11:35 12:05   Lunch
12:10 12:30   Recess
12:30 1:00   Science
1:00 2:30   Language Arts
3:00   Virginia Studies
3:00 3:35   RTI
3:35 3:45   VA Studies